AER AcousticCube II

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Basicly a Mini PA system! Developed to amplify all acoustic instruments, including voice.
Absolutely mint, as new condition!

A superbly satisfying amplifier in every way. Gorgeous sonic bliss with acoustic archtop jazz guitars or any other acoustic instrument.
Dynamically controlled 2-channel 120 Watt power amplifier and coaxial two-way speaker system with integrated frequency crossover network. Sound quality is legendary.

Enjoy full bass reproduction with the Sub 10 passive bass speaker, rated at 250W / 8 ohms, with a 10″ speaker, and is specifically designed for use with the Acousticube. Amp stacks nicely atop the Sub 10. Incidentally, the amp has another set of feet on the right side, in case you would prefer to have the controls run vertically (with the handle on top).

Includes cushioned nylon cases: Two close fitting cushioned covers that slip over the top of each unit allowing access to handles, and one larger gig bag for the amp and accessories. Plenty of room for cables, footswitch, etc. All set, ready to go!