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Award Session JD10 Preamp

JD10 As A Stomp BoxJust plug JD10 into the input of yourguitar amp, like any ordinary stomp box,and itíll reward you with a myriad of finerock, country, nu-metal or any othersounds you can think of. It works justlike a high class preamp from anyboutique amp. All the controls operateexceptionally smoothly and have greaterthan average range: from jangly cuttingrhythm tones, to chunky bass line drive.In low gain setting (Classic), thedistortion character has grunt and grind,and is fizz free just like a low poweredclass A/AB1 boutique combo. Itís ëthereal-dealí blues tone! Think Eric Clapton' Me And Mr Johnson' or 'From TheCradle'! Hi-gain (Rock) tones have been saidto be... well, ìalmost too muchî. Thedrive depth is simply more than mostwould ever need. This combined withclever use of itís powerful EQ controls,can provide that classy big 4x12" toneeffortlessly through many small combos

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