Blackstar ID CORE ID-20 V2

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Pre Owned - incudes FS11 footswitch worth £50

Ultimate tone. Unlimited versatility. The Blackstar ID Core 20 presents players with an amplifier capable of delivering an immersive playing experience, no matter your style. Featuring 6 different amp voices, the Core can handle anything from crisp cleans, to chaotic overdrive. This, combined with the patented ISF control, provides players with enough tone-shaping potential to excel in any genre you throw at it.

But the possibilities go beyond just the amplifier. Because the Core is compatible with Blackstar's hailed Insider software, giving you access to countless community-made tones and effects from your home. All you have to do is connect the amp to your PC device via the USB port, which also enables you to record direct for easy home recording. Each note you play is delivered in wide stereo audio, making each practise and performance addictive. Once you plug in, you won't look back...