Squier Paranormal Cabronita Thinline Fiesta Red

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With the Squier Paranormal Carbronita Telecaster Thinline, seen here with an Fiesta Red finish, is an affordable take on a popular-but-rare Fender guitar, and is ideal for relative beginners and more experienced players alike.

Stylish, Sonicly Versatile, And Budget Friendly

The Paranormal Series from Squier has been designed to reimagine and embrace some firm-but-forgotten favourites from Fennder's illustrious past.

In this case we have the Paranormal Cabronita Telecaster Thinline: a semi-hollow Tele, with a fast-playing neck, and a pair of Jazzmaster-style "Soapbar" single coil pickups.

Squier Paranormal Cabronita Telecaster Thinline, Fiesta Red Highlights

  • Buddget-friendly, thinline semi-hollow Telecaster from the Squier Paranormal series
  • Poplar body, with a classic Fiesta Red finish and White Pickguard
  • Two Fender-designed Jazzmaster "Soapbar" Single Coil pickups
  • String-through-body bridge offers solid string stability
  • Slim "C" Maple neck delivers easy playability
  • Excellent value for money - ideal for players from all walks of life

Semi-Hollow Design

As with other Telecaster Thinline guitars, this Paranormal Series Cabronita features a semi-hollow body, which helps give the guitar an increased natural resonance.

In addition to this, the guitar's body is also lighter than a solid-body counterpart, allowing you to play in comfort for hours on end.

Soapbar Pickups

Jazzmaster guitars have long been renowned for their unique pickup design, combining a large, flat coil with shorter magnets than other single coils for a unique set of tonal characteristics - which is exactly why you will find a pair of them on this Cabronita Thinline Tele.

These pickups offer a balance of clarity and output, bringing together the definition of a single coil with the grit and bite of a humbucker.

Suitable For All

Thanks to its lightweight construction, super sleek neck, and versatile electronics, this guitar is suitable for players of all experienced levels.

Add into the mix the excellent asking price, and you have yourself an axe that even complete beginners and players on a budget can access!

Squier Paranormal Cabronita Telecaster Thinline, Fiesta Red Specs

  • Model Name: Paranormal Cabronita Telecaster Thinline, Maple Fingerboard, Fiesta Red
  • Model #: 0377020540
  • Series: Paranormal
  • Country Of Origin: CN
  • Color: Fies