NUx Mighty Light BT Mkii



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Mighty Lite BT now reaches the mkII generation with this reinvented model, adding new features, modes and computer editing to an already winning formula, bringing a world of sonic possibilities to the guitar player in a compact and convenient package. Keeping with the desktop form factor and powered by 6 x AA batteries or optional 9V adaptor, the mkII adds a USB type-C port which can connect to a PC or Mac computer to edit settings using the Mighty Editor software. In addition, the Bluetooth connection enables wireless editing via the Mighty Amp app. Both software and app are free to download from Mighty Lite BT mkII also supports audio streaming over Bluetooth for backing tracks and a built-in drum machine for solo practice. New features include effects, modulations and new amp models with an IR loader for flexible cabinet simulation, which can be programmed and stored into 7 internal presets. This new version offers a huge pallete of tones in a manageable and versatile package for bedroom practice, project studios and travelling guitar players.

  • Bluetooth audio streaming and preset editing
  • USB type-C port for PC/Mac editing and firmware
  • Mighty Editor™ software and Mighty App™ free to download
  • Inbuilt drum machine and metronome
  • Digitally modeled effects, modulations, delay and reverb
  • Selectable amp models, cabinet IR loader and acoustic IRs
  • 5 Watt speaker
  • Runs from 9Vdc power adapter (not supplied) or USB via power bank or 6 AA Batteries