Part Exchange or Sell Your Guitars & Gear

Why not Sell Your Guitar with us or we can part exchange and we even pay cash (bank transfer only) for pre-owned used guitars and other gear.


We can part exchange your guitar or used gear for a great price against a new guitar or gear depending on how much you are looking to spend.

sell for cash

Sell It For Cash (Bank Transfer)

We can straight out purchase your guitar or used gear for cash which is the fastest way for you to get a guaranteed quick sale.

commission sales guitars

Commission Sale

We can sell your guitar on a commision sales basis a great way of getting good money for your gear but it could take time to sell.


The information displayed above is just a guide for your perusal and is not a legally binding offer or a formal contract.
Any and all prices offered are subject to an in-hand inspection and thorough test play at our Warrington Store.


Overview of these processes

Part Exchange Overview

We will test and evaluate your guitar or gear and give you £??? against any new guitar or gear costing £??? or more dependent on how much more you would like to spend.

The benefit being that you get the best price for your guitar or gear, instantly

Commission Sales Overview

We can sell your guitar on a sales commission basis. Where we evalute together the true market value of your guitar and then you can place it in our established high street shop facility and we market it through our various sales channels.

The benefit being that you get a high price for your guitar or gear and it may sell very quickly.

The disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that it will sell, or may take a prolonged time to sell. 

Cash Price Sale Overview

You bring along your guitar or gear to us we test and evalute it and offer you £??? for it.

The benefit being that you instantly get the money via bank transfer after ID checks etc. but forgo the hassle of taking photos to advertise on ebay, gumtree and the like, having to deal with the tyre kickers and time wasters that are associated with this type of sale.

The disadvantage is that you will get a lower amount than that of the two previous options because we are a business (not a charity) and we have to resell at a profit that pays our business costs, overheads etc.


A to G agrees to take responsible and reasonable efforts to prevent damage or loss to your items, however we accept no responsibility for ANY damages or losses to your equipment left with us.
All gear or items left with A to G music are entirely at your own risk.